Credit Repair in Birmingham, Alabama has become very popular since the recession hit in 2008! Credit Repair in Birmingham is needed as much as anywhere else today, including the top cities for bad credit (Miami & Las Vegas).

When searching for the right Credit Repair company in Birmingham, it is good to check and see if there are any testimonials as well as BBB complaints. The other thing to check out is the pricing schedule. There are 3 types of pricing schedules for credit repair.

The first one is to charge the client for the work upfront. Not only is it unfair but it is illegal and very common. Even if it was legal, what assurance do you have that they will back their claims. They have already received their money and have no real motivation left. If a Birmingham Credit Repair company tells you that they get paid before performing……STAY AWAY!!!!

The second credit repair model is to charge a client a monthly fee. This service is actually legal but definitely not the way to go! Why, might you ask? If they are collecting their money on a monthly basis, then there is absolutely no desire to get the job done quickly. These types of companies will typically tell you that it takes about 18 months to get the full results. This is simply done for them to bank more profit.

The third method is to pay-per-deletion. This is where the company doesn’t get paid until they get results. They are paid after receiving the results and only for the amount of items deleted. This is definitely the smartest way to go! If a company offers this type of service and can’t get the job done, they are in business for no reason! That’s because no results= NO PAYCHECK! A pay-per-deletion credit repair company has to work hard and aggressively to get to paid within a reasonable amount of time as well as earn a reasonable paycheck!

Team USA Credit Repair is a Birmingham, AL based Credit Repair company that has been around longer than the competition! They are also a pay-per-deletion company! What does this mean? They get results and they get them fast! That is how they are able to stay in business and smoke the competition!