Credit Repair Results

Credit Score Increased 251 Points

Bankruptcy Deleted From Credit Report

83 Negative Items Removed

3 Repossessions Removed

Credit Score Increased 189 Points

Inquiries Removed

Improved Score to 783 Points

Collections & Repossession Removed

Helped Client Reach 833 CREDIT SCORE

Student Loans & Repossession Removed

Team USA Credit Repair has helped Josh obtain a mortgage loan and a car loan as well after increasing his credit score with our credit repair services.

Witness Julius Burrell’s testimonial of how he achieved his life long dream of opening his own gym by using the credit repair services from Team USA Credit Repair.

Hear the story of how April was able to get a new house and car that she was previously denied for after using our credit repair services.

Witness how Jamie & Haley were able to get approved for their family’s dream home as a result of our credit repair services.

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