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Team USA Credit Repair was founded by a group of individuals with the same credit challenges that many of us face every day. They have more than 35 years of combined experience in the credit field. During these years they have worked close with car dealerships, mortgage brokers, the credit bureaus, and attorneys.

Getting Our Start at Credit Repair

What began as a hobby for our team of professional credit specialists has transformed into a career that offers a priceless service to others. Our founders at Team USA were all victims of the credit bureaus. Everything began when they started to look into the laws behind erroneous credit reporting.

They simply tried disputing items on their credit reports at first. With this, they had very little luck. Eventually, they began to seek legal help. When they saw how much more effective the impact was using the same techniques as an attorney, they began to help people with their extra time. These people began to refer their friends and family.

Before they knew it, they were overwhelmed. This is when they came together to form Team USA Credit Repair. Our agents are both licensed and bonded, and our members take pride in helping other people get a second chance with their credit!

Previous Team USA Credit Repair Clients

Credit Repair Testimonial NateI would like to express my gratitude for Team USA Credit Repair. The owner of the company is a good friend of mine. He has always been reputable and backs his word!  He is the most motivated, ambitious, hard working, loyal and honest person that I know!  If he says he is gonna do something, consider it done!  For those of you that don’t know, he was in the car business for years.  I bought my second vehicle from him which was a lease.  I ran into some credit issues during the time that I had that lease and needed quick help when it was done.  Not only did Jason get my credit score up but found the exact BMW I wanted through some old co-workers.

Credit Repair Testimonial SonjaI am thankful for Team USA Credit Repair!  Before getting with this company, my credit score was too low to get a decent rate for a vehicle. I was offered the opportunity to meet Jason and his team. That is when I began the process that would change things for me. In no time at all, I was able to go to the car lot, choose the vehicle of my choice (Nissan Armada in the picture) with no money down and a wonderful interest rate! I would like to say; Thank You Team USA Credit Repair for assisting me and helping me get a second chance in the Credit World.  You have all the business coming your way for life!

Credit Repair Testimonial Bobby I thought my life was over after helping a friend with some finances.  He defaulted on almost everything after being laid off from his job. This put me in an unimaginable position with my credit, dropping my scores almost 200 points.  I thought my opportunities in life were over. That is when I was referred to Team USA Credit Repair.  My credit score went up almost 200 points in a couple of months.  I would advise anyone to take this once in a lifetime opportunity to have all doors that were once closed, come open again with Team USA Credit Repair.  Team USA Credit Repair is the way to a satisfied customer with a credit relief future!”

Team USA Credit Repair is proud to serve the entire United States. Contact us today for credit restoration and credit repair services that have helped thousands.