Credit Repair Birmingham AL

Credit Repair Birmingham, AL

Credit Repair Birmingham, ALCredit Repair in Birmingham, AL has been a phenomenal experience for our Team USA Credit Repair family!  We started doing credit repair in Birmingham, AL back in 2009. Team USA Credit Repair was formed by a group of individuals from Birmingham, AL that have a deep experience with credit, finance and loans.  This was combined with Jason Moore’s experience of performing credit repair on the side for many years of his finance management experience to form Team USA Credit Repair.

Jason says that it wasn’t easy at first to get his credit repair organization ramped up in Birmingham, AL.  But thanks to the loyal customers that supported his company after receiving their own credit repair services from Team USA Credit Repair, they became a huge success!  He says that the people in Birmingham, AL were amazing and it was the best place to start a credit repair organization that is based on of the word of mouth from happy clients!

Our credit repair clients’ from Birmingham, AL are a special breed that will always be the core of our success!    Birmingham, AL is a smaller major city where you always receive warm smiles, greetings and gestures from everyone that you encounter.  We think of it as the Andy Griffith show on steroids!

The website for Team USA Credit Repair is full of live video and picture testimonials that were gladly submitted by our credit repair clients from Birmingham, AL.  As much as our credit repair team loves Birmingham, AL, we realized it was time to take it to the next level!  Team USA Credit Repair knew that we wanted to expand to the west coast but we had to decide where first!

It wasn’t long before several of our credit repair team members were visiting Las Vegas, NV that they realized this was their second home!  The city had transformed from one of the fastest growing major cities with lots of opportunity to one of the highest ranked cities for unemployment, bankruptcy and foreclosure.  This is a recipe for natural economic disaster!

Check back soon to hear about our credit repair in Las Vegas, NV experience……