Birmingham, AL Credit Repair Companies

Credit Repair in Birmingham, Alabama has become very popular since the recession hit in 2008! Credit Repair in Birmingham is needed as much as anywhere else today, including the top cities for bad credit (Miami & Las Vegas). When searching for the right Credit Repair company in Birmingham, it is good to check and see […]

Life After Identity Theft

With identity theft becoming the #1 growing crime in the United States, it is a lot more common than one might think.  Millions of people become victims to identity theft everyday and the numbers continue to grow annually.  It is much like a PC virus and often it is too late once the virus has […]

Credit Repair Las Vegas

Credit Repair Las Vegas Credit Repair in Las Vegas is crucial for what reason?  Most Las Vegas credit repair companies (Not all of them) have damaged the reputation of credit repair in Las Vegas!  Las Vegas needs credit repair just as bad as Detroit for more than one reason.  Las Vegas is a great town […]

Credit Repair Birmingham AL

Credit Repair Birmingham, AL Credit Repair in Birmingham, AL has been a phenomenal experience for our Team USA Credit Repair family!  We started doing credit repair in Birmingham, AL back in 2009. Team USA Credit Repair was formed by a group of individuals from Birmingham, AL that have a deep experience with credit, finance and […]

Credit Repair vs Credit Bureaus

Credit Repair vs Credit Bureaus Yes, it’s true!  The credit bureaus are making dividends everyday from the mistakes on your credit report!  It’s a well known fact that over 90% of credit reports contain inaccuracies.  You would think with today’s technology that these millions of errors could be fixed, right?  Ok, so how do they make money […]