Credit Repair Testimonials

Team USA Credit Repair of Birmingham, AL and Las Vegas, NV, has helped Josh obtain bad credit mortgage loan, bad credit car loan and increase his credit score with our credit repair services.

 Witness Julius Burrell’s testimonial of how he achieved his life long dream of opening his own gym by using the credit repair services from Team USA Credit Repair Las Vegas, NV and Birmingham, AL.

  Here the story of how April was able to get a new house and car that she was previously denied for after using our Credit Repair services from Team USA Credit Repair, Las Vegas, NV & Birmingham, AL.

Witness how Jamie & Haley’s used credit repair services for their new home as a result of the Las Vegas, NV and Birmingham, AL credit repair agency Team USA Credit Repair.

 In this video, Nicole will explain what Team USA Credit Repair did to help her credit score and to obtain her new Escalade due to credit repair services offered from our Team USA Credit Repair offices out of Las Vegas, NV and Birmingham, AL.


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