Credit Repair Services

As part of our consultation when you join Team USA Credit Repair, you will receive our “Express Finance Package.”  You will receive this package as part of our initial audit!  By the time that we have restored your credit, you will be ready to take on the world in powerful strides! Scroll down to find out why TEAM USA CREDIT REPAIR IS THE #1 CREDIT REPAIR CHOICE TODAY……

Credit Repair Manual BEST KEPT SECRETS (E-BOOK)

The Credit Industry’s  BEST KEPT SECRETS was written by Team USA Credit Repair’s President, Jason A. Moore.  This book was written with the intention of educating clients on how to understand the “credit bureaus.”  Jason has taken the knowledge he has learned over all of the years and combined them with answers to the questions our clients have consulted with him about and packed them into this one book.

This book alone is worth the cost of our service but of course, Jason must always supersede people’s expectations and this is why he has added so much more to our “Express Finance Package!”  Get ready to learn the dirty little secrets from your trusted credit expert!

Credit Repair Tools vol. 1“Personal Budget and Expense” (Management Tools)

Team USA Credit Repair’s “Personal Budget and Expense” Management Tools were designed to put you in charge of your finances and not vice versa!  Too many people today end up losing control of their credit and finances.  The root of this problem is typically due to small mismanagement issues that can be corrected very easily.  The tools in here are too powerful to describe when properly utilized!

A prime example that highlights the importance of these tools would include the last time that the president of Team USA Credit Repair applied for business credit, he was asked for a personal financial statement.  The bank said that it could even be handwritten.  But Jason knew better than to turn in a hand written personal financial statement (can you say unprofessional?).  He used one of the professional tools from this package to generate a personal financial statement.  Not only did Jason get approved for the exact amount he requested but the bank ended up offering him a low rate credit card to double the amount that he requested!  This is just the beginning of what we offer! PRICELESS!!!

Credit Repair Tools Vol. 2

Savings and Investment (Management Tools)

Have you ever wanted to invest your money but didn’t know where to start?  Well, you are not getting any younger!  Included with the “Express Finance Package” from Team USA Credit Repair is several tools that you can utilize to help guide you when it comes to investing your money.  Review the tools in this package and begin to discover the true meaning of “let your money make you money!”  People don’t become rich by working for money.  People become rich by learning how to strategize and that’s when your money works for you, so you don’t have to work for your money! 

I’m not saying that our Management Tools will make you rich! But they are definitely the beginning step and the foundation of anyone looking for financial freedom!  Be prepared for the life changing events that come with joining Team USA Credit Repair!

Credit Repair Tools Vol. 3Credit Card and Debt (Management Tools)

One of our most powerful tools offered by Team USA Credit Repair today, is the “Credit Card and Debt” Management Tools!  If you are covered in debt and would like to begin escaping this curse, we have the solution for you (HINT: IT’S  NOT BANKRUPTCY)! 

So many people use credit cards with genuine intentions of paying them back.  Unfortunately, they have not followed the proper steps of money management before it’s too late (don’t foget our “Personal Budget and Expense” Management Tools will do that for you)!  This set of tools includes the infamous snowball effect and much more!  ARE YOU SOLD YET?  IF NOT…….THERE’S MORE

Credit Repair Tools Vol. 4Car and Home Expense (Management Tools)

Last but not least, our “Car and Home Expense” Management Tools are designed to help you make an educated choice in what can be your biggest purchases in life.  As someone who came from the car business and was a finance manager for the #1 Chevy dealer in the world, Jason A. Moore knows how confusing these types of purchases can be when choosing: finance terms, choice of bank, choice of credit union, purchase vs. lease options, warranty options, gap and let’s not even start on the hundreds of factors that are involved in a mortgage! 

Today’s recession is a result of poorly managed mortgage practices!  Yes, it is mostly due to the greed of the banks and mortgage brokers.  But let’s say that everyone had been properly educated and possessed the tools that are included in Team USA Credit Repair’s “Car and Home Expense” Management Tools, is it possible that our economy could have dodged this toxic bullet?

Are you considering the services of Team USA Credit Repair because you want to buy a home?  Do you want your credit to end up back where it was before the result of our credit repair services (Obviously Not!)?  So many people don’t understand that buying a home is much more than paying a monthly mortgage note!  How about simple rates, adjustable rates, terms, taxes, insurance, etc.?

Don’t make the same mistakes that have ruined other people’s credit!  Get Educated!  Take Control of Your Life!  Unfortunately, we are not educated about these types of life decisions in high school!  With a home purchase being the biggest purchase for most people in a lifetime, you can’t afford to show up at a gun fight with a knife any longer!