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[wpdm_file id=1] Credit Repair Manual
The Credit Industry’s Best Kept Secrets was written by Team USA Credit Repair’s President “Jason A. Moore” to give consumers a better perspective of how the credit industry works!  Jason has an extensive background in credit that ranges from finance practices in the “car business”, “mortgage loans” and his current expertise in the “credit repair industry” as well!
The Big 3 (The Credit Bureaus) are for-profit organizations that profit from the mistakes and derogatory listings on your credit profile!  The more that you have to be concerned about on your credit, leads to more sales for their online credit monitoring systems.
If you ever wondered how a pre-approved letter came in the mail with your name on it, here is the answer; The Big 3 sells your credit profile information without your permission to companies who are looking to profit off of the credit wounded by offering high as well as hard to pay back interest rate offers!

[wpdm_file id=4] Credit Repair Tools vol. 1
The Savings & Investment Management Tools software program is a package of custom designed  spreadsheets for investing and saving money.  Many of us have never been provided with the right education, knowledge or tools necessary to make the best decision for investing our money.
These spreadsheets will assist you when it comes to where you want to place your money for investment purposes.  What better time is their to start than now?
If you want your money to make the most dividends possible but don’t have all the time in the world or question who’s best interest your banker really has, this software is the right tool for you.

[wpdm_file id=5] Credit Repair Tools Vol. 2
The Credit Card and Debt Management Tools software offers many features that are absolutely necessary for anyone that has credit card debt!  Many Americans spend their entire life paying back credit card debt.  Credit card debt is also the #1 reason for filing bankruptcy!
Our Credit Card Payoff Calculator lets you enter the balance, minimum payment as well as the interest rate on your credit cards.  The calculator will ask you how much you can pay in addition to your minimum payment for principal only purposes.  This in return will show you how many months it would take to payoff the balance.  There is no better way to payoff that debt than to have a plan in writing and ready to execute!
Our Credit Card tracker will allow you to easily track the status of all your credit cards’ balances, available credit, utilization, due dates and anything else necessary to understand where your money is going.  By using the features that are provided here, you are able to see where your money is getting wasted, not to mention what all those unnecessary purchases are adding up to in 1 month’s time alone.  You must identify the problem before you can discover a solution and that is exactly what this tool will help you do!  Good Luck!

[wpdm_file id=7] Credit Repair Tools Vol. 3
The Car and Home Expense Management Tools is a must have for anyone looking to finance a car or home in the future.  This software will truly open your eyes to the debt that you are about to marry!  TIL DEATH DO US PART SHOULD NEVER BE ASSOCIATED WITH THIS COMMITMENT!  Learn how to finance a 30 year mortgage that can be paid off in only 10-15 years!
Our Home Ownership Expense Calculator will give you a real breakdown of the costs associated with owning your home!  There is a lot more to it than just your monthly payment.  Learn what you will spend overall when it comes to; Monthly  Mortgage Payments, P.M.I. (Private Mortgage Insurance), Property Tax, Maintenance, Improvements, etc.  If you think you are ready to buy a home but left this out of your budget, you could be in for a long bumpy ride!
The Leasing Versus Purchasing Tool is a VERY POWERFUL TOOL FOR ANYONE THAT IS ENTERTAINING THE IDEA OF A LEASE vs. PURCHASE!  These powerful features will allow you to compare the true difference between the two!  Are you aware of the monthly terms, a.p.r., cost per mile, etc.   Unless your last name is Einstein, you’re gonna need more than a pen and paper to discover the truth!  Team USA Credit Repair wants to help you keep your credit score high after our services and this is just the icing on the cake!

[wpdm_file id=3] Credit Repair Tools Vol. 4
Team USA’s Personal Budget and Expense Management Tools are a great way to shape up your financial being!  I guarantee you that once you use these tools to track where all your money is going, you will make some small changes that will save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars per month!  These are the small purchases that we make all the time and never think twice about that candy bar, soda, magazine by the register, etc.
By utilizing and applying the simple features included in this package you will wonder how you could have ever missed something so simple!  Don’t worry!  Most of us have been guilty at one time or another!  You can’t change yesterday but you still have control of tomorrow!  I know someone who quit smoking when he saw that it would save him over $200 per month!  How will it change your life for the better?
A great example of the powerful features in this package include the time that I requested a $50,000 line of credit.  The bank requested a personal financial statement which they said could be handwritten.  I personally chose to use our “Monthly Income/Expenditure For Month”!  When the bank received this professional statement, they approved my loan and gave me an additional $50,000 credit card with a low rate!  Who would have known?

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