Credit Repair Affiliate Program

Credit Repair Affiliate Raining Money

Get paid to sell a premium credit repair service that over 70% of the USA needs!  Team USA Credit Repair offers an exclusive affiliate opportunity that has helped many people throughout the current recession.  Whether you are looking to make some extra cash to splurge with or a new full-time opportunity that offers hefty rewards for results, our affiliate program is a great solution!

With our nationwide affiliate program, you will receive a free affiliate back office as well as a library of online credit repair knowledge and marketing materials.

Back Office Includes

  • Real time access to your current commissions
  • Banners and Tracking Links to post in emails, websites and social media
  • Email Template Generator for sending marketing emails
  • Resources Section to assist you at all times
  • Extensive online library of credit repair marketing and prospecting knowledge
  • Professional marketing material for credit repair sales

How much can I make?

With our affiliate program, the sky is the limit!  We will pay out 10% of our gross profit from any referrals that you generate.  We have referral partners that are making thousands of dollars in additional income per month by simply referring clients that could use our services.  In addition to that, we have a sub-affiliate program that allows you to sign up your own affiliates.  You will receive 10% of the revenue generated by your sub-affiliates, while they receive the 10% affiliate commissions as well.

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